Waterway Spa Jet Vinyl Liner Poly Storm Body 400-9090

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Waterway Pool and Spa Products Canada

Waterway Item Code: 400-9090 (Body)

*Optional Grey Poly Storm Nozzle: 229-8587 (Jet)

Vinyl Liner Model Poly Storm Body - Threaded 1⁄2" S x 1-1⁄2" S (insert not included)

This Waterway Poly Storm Jet Body is the vinyl application version and works well in vinyl spas, vinyl pool tanning ledge and bench areas to provide spa action.  The bodies feature 1/2" air ports to allow air venturi for perfect blend of air and water. 

The body only is 400-9090, the nozzle only is 229-8857 and can be bought as body only or body and nozzle combo in the menu options.


  • Front face diameter of 3-5/8" across.

  • Face has a grey base with a grey plastic crown design overlay

  • See back of jet below.

  • These jet internals are part of the Poly Storm Threaded Jet series. All the 3-5/8" Poly Storm Threaded Jet internals are interchangeable, so you can "mix and match" them.

  • All styles have a comfort adjustment, when you rotate the front face of the jet you can adjust the amount of water let into the jet.

  • Double Roto - Features two water outlets which spin

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