Summer Smiles Closing Kit

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 Summer Smiles Pool Chemicals

Closing Kit

Contains all the products needed to properly close your pool at the beginning of the season

The Summer Smiles™ CLOSING KIT will ensure your pool is properly closed at the end of the season. This kit will prevent algae growth over the winter and its slow-dissolving products will keep working until the spring to make opening the pool easier next season.

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1x 500 mL Alg Out 40% 

1x 1 kg Alka +

1x 250 mL Clarita Ultra 2 in 1

Prevents algae growth during winter
Slow-dissolving products keep working until spring

    Application Method:

    • ALG OUT 40%: Pour product directly onto the surface of water while walking all around the pool.
    • ALKA +: Sprinkle product directly onto the surface of water while walking all around the pool. Avoid adding product in one spot to ensure it dissolves properly.
    • CLARITA ULTRA 2 IN 1: Pour product directly onto the surface of water while walking all around the pool.


    For optimal results, always follow these steps:

    1. Remove the solar cover.
    2. Clean the water line and pool surfaces.*
    3. Adjust the pH of water to between 7.2 and 7.8 according to the instructions on the product used (pH balancing products sold separately).
    4. Remove the ladder, diving board, skimmer basket and skimmer door. Do not remove the screws from the plates.
    5. Lower the level of the pool water so that it is 12 to 18 inches below he water return.
    6. Blow or draw all the air from the water pipes with three-way valve
      handle in position 1 to close the skimmer. This position should be
      at the top towards the skimmer. The use of a wet/dry vacuum is
      recommended for in-ground pools or underground pipes. Next,
      block the skimmer as recommended by your pool retailer and cap
      the return jet with the appropriate threaded or expansion plug.
    7. Add the entire contents of ALG OUT 40% according to the application method.
    8. Add the entire contents of CLARITA ULTRA 2 IN 1 according to the application method.
    9. Add the entire contents of ALKA + according to the application method.
    10. Add the undiluted antifreeze to the water pipes via the skimmer. Continue adding until the coloured antifreeze appears at the bottom drain. If using antifreeze for a water heater, pour it in the water inlet. Your pipes and equipment are now ready for the winter. Be sure to treat all connection pipes, jets and equipment.
    11. Install the winter cover.


     POOL SIZE 80,000L or less More than 80,000L
    DOSAGE  1 Kit 2 Kits 

    Download our Summer SmilesTM mobile app for an easy, fast and efficient water analysis!

    Thanks to our mobile app, maintaining clear water for your pool or spa has never been easier!

    The Summer SmilesTM app keeps an eye on your water balance for you. It measures the 4 main parameters to be monitored for a good routine maintenance of your water: pH, alkalinity, chlorine and calcium hardness.

    Enter your test strip results into the app to identify routine products and dosages to apply or solve any issues. All you have to do is follow the instructions! With Summer Smiles, you can enjoy your pool and spa without worries.

    Summer Smiles Swimming Pool Chemistry App

    Summer Smiles Pool Chemistry App

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