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Canada Swimming Pool Solar Blanket Cover

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Swimming Pool Solar Blanket for In Ground and Above ground pools with warranty 3 year, 5 year and 7 year

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How do our Solar blankets work and keep your pool warm
Solar radiation is the key to heating a pool naturally. When the sun beats down on the pool our semi translucent cover allows solar radiation to enter the water, thus heating the pool, as though the cover was absent. In other words, the less transparent the cover, the less radiation entering the water. Dark coloured covers need to absorb the solar energy and then transmit it to the water, allowing a lot less direct penetration of solar energy. The best analogy would be tinting a car window. It is darkened to STOP transmission of heat. It is the same principle for swimming pools. The more sunlight the pool gets the faster the pool will heat. On average with full sun you can expect a degree a day so in about 6-9 days you will have about a 8 degree increase. Be well informed here at Pool Products Canada, dark covers on other sites do not perform as well as our CLEAR covers.

The other thing a solar blanket does is trap heat in the pool water. At night when it gets cool the pool water will begin to condense out of the pool, this draws the heat out of the water.  Our solar blanket blocks this from happening so all that heat you built up will stay in the pool.

So you get the heating during the day (the solar part of the equation) and you get the thermal protection at night (the blanket part of the equation).

If you don’t get much sun on the pool the blanket will not heat the pool. So the bottom line is no sun on the pool no heating effect from the blanket.

If you have a heater for the pool, regardless of they type of heater, you will want a blanket to trap the heat in the pool. If you are using gas or electric heat the blanket should cut your heating cost in half. If you are using a solar panel you will need it to trap the heat in otherwise you may not be able to maintain the temperature when it gets cold.

How a solar blankets just simply save you money?
Simultaneously a solar cover will nearly eliminate evaporation, reduce your energy and chemical consumption, and act as a barrier against leaves and debris. These benefits will save you both money and time for years to come.

What, exactly, is a micron and why do they matter?
It is just a unit of measurement that’s equal to one-millionth of a metre. In reference to pool covers this is a measurement of the thickness of the bonded material layers between the bubbles and is NOT referring to the size of the bubble.

Will salt water damage our pool cover?
No, salt water in swimming pools will not damage our cover material. We suggest to keep your salt application at a recommended dose and avoid adding too much to prevent corrosive effects to other parts of your pool and equipment.

What damage can high levels of chlorine and unbalanced water do?
High levels of chlorine can increase the deterioration process of the cover material and will reduce the life time of your cover and it will void your warranty. Please ensure your pool water is always balanced to the correct and recommended levels such as ph, alkalinity, chlorine, calcium hardness. Incorrect chemical levels can lead to severe corrosion problems and scaling of your pool and pool equipment.

How long will the covers last?
High levels of chlorine can increase the deterioration process of the cover material and will reduce the life time of your cover and it will void your warranty. A swimming pool with a high volume of chlorine/unbalanced water will reduce the lifespan of a bubble cover and speed up the process of degradation. With UV radiation and pool chemicals such as chlorine are constantly attacking it, a pool cover is subjected to a very harsh environment. Heat will also play its part in accelerating the effects of the chlorine and UV radiation.  Bubble covers have a limited life and will only last around 50 – 120% of their lifespan, largely dependent on the amount of correct cover care.
Guide only:
250 micron 6 -8 years
300 micron 10 – 12 years

How to Measure Your Pool

  1. Measure your pool’s length and width at the maximum water level and we will deliver to your doorstep.
  2. If your pool has steps or a swim out area, measure that separately and you will combine your dimensions or you can choose to leave that area open to save buying a large cover.
  3. If your pool is not rectangular then simply form the smallest rectangle possible around your pool with a length of rope, tape measure, or something similar and we will use those dimensions to custom make you an appropriately sized cover.
  4. If possible send photos if your pool is an unusual shape.
  5. We will deliver the cover in a rectangular shape with enough overhang to each side of the pool above the dimension you provided and it will require cutting to the shape of your pool. Call is for tips on doing this.

See the graphics for a visual representation on how to measure your pool

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