Raypak 266,000 BTU Millivolt Natural Gas Pool and Spa Heater w/ Riser

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Product Description

The sleek and stylish Raypak Digital Gas Pool and Spa Heater features innovative technology designed to keep your pool or spa at the perfect temperature for your enjoyment. Built to withstand various weather conditions, this modern pool and spa heater is the perfect solution for environments requiring efficiency, convenience and versatility.

Thanks to a brilliant low-profile design, corrosion resistant cabinet made of galvanized metal, copper fin tube heat exchanger, and a bevy of advanced-engineered materials, enjoying your heater year round is a breeze.

Raypak Item Code: P-R266A-MN-C

Note: Now Shipping with New Riser.


  • ProTek Shield - A cutting-edge module that protects the heat exchanger and extends the life of your Raypak Digital Gas Pool and Spa Heater thanks to this innovative technology.
    • Excellent for use in chlorinated and salt water pools.
    • Engineered to take the brunt of the corrosion that naturally occurs over time (erosion of the ProTek Shield means it’s working!).
    • Compact design.
    • Easy to replace, saving you time and money.
    • Included on all models.
  • Heat ExchangerOur Gas Pool and Spa Heater includes various application options based on fin tube materials including: copper and cupronickel, both available as ASME.
  • Flexible Installation - Whether upgrading your existing system or adding a new pool or spa to your home, the Raypak Digital Gas Pool and Spa Heater offers you flexible installation solutions.
    • Bonus: The self-adjusting burner compensates for gas pressure fluctuations, ensuring that the heater will always burn clean and safe.
  • Pilot Ignition - Simple retrofit solution to any pool equipment pad.
    • As no electrical is required for millivolt models, the heater can therefore be located in areas where electrical service is not readily available, or where it would be prohibitively expensive to provide electrical service.

Venting Application 

Raypak PR206 | PR406 Manual

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