Poolmate Hydro 4 Corded & Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner (Wifi)

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Poolmate Hydro 4 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Hydro 4 is a ground breaking robotic pool cleaner that integrates centrifugal pump technology and supports both corded and cordless connection. With the most pwerful suction and wall climbing capability and lateral waterline movement, it greatly improves pool cleaning efficiency and quality.

Cordless Option


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Featuring a bouy battery power design that eliminates the risk of cable entanglement and tripping hazards while also saving internal space in the cleaner for larger filter capacities and reducing the cleaners weight. With a battery capacity of 14,400 mAh, it offers extended cleaning times up to 3.5hrs, effectively meeting your daily pool cleaning needs.

Corded Option

Featuring a corded control box power design, it provides continuous power supply to the pool cleaner, making it the ideal choice for the largest of pools performing deep cleans and scenarios that demand frequent or extended usage. 

Technical Features:

• Cleans floors, walls & waterline

• Most powerful suction @ 320L/minute

• The best lateral waterline movement

• Dual centrifugal pumps

• Intelligent path planning 

• Energy-efficiency and cost saving option

• Hydro-Cloud control Bluetooth & WiFi

• Two year warranty

• Smart obstacle recognition 

• Dual-Zone filter basket 

• High friction active brushes

• One click pick up

• Auto parking at pools edge upon low battery

• Fluid dynamic design for quick drainage

• Reat time temperature display

• Colourfull LED Indicator lights

• Easiest serviceability in the market

• Switch to manual drive at anytime

• 15m cord with anti-tangle swivel 

• 14,400 mAh Lithium-Ion high efficiency batt.

• 3hr run time and 3hr charge time

• Standard, fast and ultra modes

• Built to perform on all pool surfaces and sizes up to 15M 

The Worlds First Turbo-Centrifugal Pump

The Hydro4 robotic pool cleaner utilizes dual turbo-centrifugal pump motors. It's vertical inlet and outlet not only enhance suction and pressure, but also minimizes power loss. This design efficiently collects and cleans various contaminants in the pool.

 Intelligent Path Cleaning Increases Coverage by 30%

The Hydro 4 robotic pool cleaner utilizes intelligent path cleaning algorithms generating random paths that enhance pool cleaning coverage by 30% and can be used in pools of all shapes and sizes.

Smart Obstacle Recognition 

The Hydro 4 robotic pool cleaner employs Hydro-Grav technology for intelligent obstacle recognition effortlessly enabling wall climbing and lateral movement along the waterline.

Easy to Clean Filter

The Hydro 4 dual-zone filter basket utilizes a one-click replacement design. The meticulous mesh effectively absorbs and filters out dust algae and pollen and has superiority performance in its class.

Cloud Remote Control via App

The Hydro 4 utilizes two connection methods; Bluetooth for local control and wifi for remote access. Based on Poolmates Hydro-Cloud Remote control technology, no matter where you are, you can use the app to remotely command the Hydro 5 at any time.

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