Polaris Floating Cable Kit - R0516800

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Product Description

Polaris Replacement Floating Cable Kit for ALL Models.

Polaris Item Code: R0516800


  • Genuine Polaris Replacement Floating Cable Kit.
    • Compatible with ALL Polaris Cleaners:
      • P94, P9400, P935, P9350, P93, and P9300.

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    Floating cable failure

    My Polaris P945 would run in short stints then shutdown with error code P10. Troubleshooting showed an internal break in the floating cable at the 90 degree stress relief housing as it enters the vacuum unit. This is an extremely common fault. The replacement cable was purchased and delivered quickly from Pool Products - no complaints there!!

    The replacement cable has a modified stress relief as there has been a redesign by Polaris. The cable fixed the issue, my complaint is the lack of support from Zodiac/Polaris as knowledge of the problem is denied, and they refuse to acknowledge any re-design has occurred. The new stress relief should offer longer life expectancy but some level of support should be offered for out-of-warranty failures. This is an obvious design flaw!!