Pentair Prowler® 930W (WiFi) Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner

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The Prowler 930W Robotic Cleaner has all the easy, drop-in-and-go intelligence of all the Prowler family. But with the 930's WiFi connectivity, all you need is the Pentair home app to make pool cleaning truly hands-off an effortless -- even by robot standards. Whether you need time to get ready for the kids' pool party or simply want to touch up a tough spot before bed so your morning dip is glistening.

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WiFi Connectivity: Seamlessly control and monitor the Prowler 930W via the Pentair Home App from anywhere using the intuitive smartphone app.

Robotic Precision: Equipped with intelligent technology, the Prowler efficiently cleans every inch of your pool floor, walls, and waterline.

60 ft. Anti-Swivel Cord: The extra-long anti-swivel cord allows for maximum coverage and prevents tangling, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning sessions.

Dual Filtration Options: Customize your cleaning experience with the choice of included fine and ultra-fine filters, accommodating different debris sizes and maintaining water clarity effectively with its extra large filtration capacity.

Caddy Cart Included: Easily transport and store the Prowler 930W with the included caddy cart providing added convenience and portability from point A to point B.

Dual Scrubbing Brushes: The dual scrubbing brushes ensure thorough cleaning, effectively scrubbing away stubborn dirt and grime. The front high-speed scrubbing brush spins at twice the speed as the rear providing an ultra efficient cleaning experience.

Programmable Cleaning Modes: Choose from multiple cleaning modes to suit your needs whether it's quick spot cleaning (Manual Targeting via WiFi App Control) or a comprehensive full pool cleaning.

Customizable: Cleaning schedules don't need to be complicated - the Pentair Home App provides an intuitive experience so you're never overdue for a cleaning. 

Delayed Start App: This great features allows you to clean now or clean later, so late-night swimmers won't be bothered.

Energy Efficient: Designed with energy-saving features, the Prowler 930W consumes minimal power, helping to reduce your energy bills versus the traditional style of suction or pressure cleaner.

Easy-To-Use: Simple operation with push button control on its power supply and hassle-free maintenance make pool cleaning a breeze.

Upgrade your pool cleaning routine with the Pentair Prowler 930W and experience unparalleled convenience efficiency, and performance!

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