Moov 110,000 BTU Inverter Heat Pump Variable Speed EE TF

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Moov is the new Inverter Heat Pump that automatically adjusts the heating capacity from 20% to 100% depending on your demand. Enjoy your summer weekends with a 7-times quieter product without losing any performance. From the soft starter relieving your electrical bill, to the twin-rotary DC inverter compressor and the spiral titanium exchanger, Moov is at the top of it's category in performance and efficiency.

Moov Model: FI1100 (Alternatively MI1100)

30% Seasonal Savings on Electrical Usage

Thanks to Inverter technology, the Moov Inverter adapts its power from 20% to 100% unlike traditional heat pumps that operate at full capacity up to the required temperature.

Soft Start

When the heat pump starts up, the current gradually rises to rated current within seconds unlike traditional heat pumps which normally start with a surge above rated current. We promise you will no longer need to restart your breaker.

HP-Booster Technology

HP-Booster technology is patented and increases the coefficient of performance by 20% on average compared to traditional heat pumps. This means that for each kWh of electricity that enters, the Moov Inverter produces 20% more heat.

Titanium Spiral Heat Exchanger

Our titanium heat exchanger provides 30% more heating area for your product performance. The more heat exchange, the more it heats your pool.

Variable Speed

As ridiculous as it sounds, traditional heat pumps only have one speed: 100% or 0%. You can imagine how demanding this system is on the equipment, its durability and its cost of use.


48dB at 1m when the unit is operating at 50%, which is its average seasonal speed.

What is a Full Inverter?

The Full Inverter represents the very latest technology in pool heating. The modulation of the compressor and the fan is fully automatic depending on the external elements (air temperature-relative humidity-water temperature). This technology allows the Moov pool heater to produce a coefficient of performance (COP) of 8 to 10 under optimal conditions. This represents a gain of 50% on a COP of 5 on most On / Off models still on the market.

Once the water temperature is reached, the Moov Inverter operates at a consumption of 20 to 50% of its capacity. This substantially reduces the cost of heating your swimming pool. It is also very quiet, so your neighbors will not be disturbed.

So What's the Warranty? 

3 Year Full Warranty

5 Year Heat Exchanger (Parts Only) 

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