Hayward 6" Spa Light JiffyNiche - SPX0608U

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Product Description

JiffyNiche is designed for vinyl and fiberglass pools and spas. The niche offers ease of installation and attractive injection molded face ring assembly for corrosion-free performance.

Hayward Item Code: SPX0608U


  • Suitable 6" Lights: LSCUS11100, LSCUN11100, SP0590SLC25, and SP532CLED100.
  • Designed for Vinyl/Fiberglass Spas and Pools.
  • Ideal for spill-over spas.
  • Quick and Easy Installation.
    • Screw on mounting nut design.
    • Designed for one-person installation.
    • Installs in the same manner as any Vinyl/Fiberglass inlet fitting.
    • No screws required to mount through the pool wall.
    • Mounts in standard 6in opening.
  • Easy to install Cord Sealing Kit for watertight connections.
  • Complimentary Installation tool provided.

ColorLogic 2.5/Jiffy Niche (LITNICH11C)

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