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Meet the Dash Robotic pool cleaner by INOPOOL with its new cordless rechargeable design. Works with all flat bottom and dished pool floors and surfaces up to 600 sq/ft.
Operates for 80 minutes without needing a charge


  • Cordless, Battery Operated Robotic Pool Cleaner suitable for all flat, dished, sloped pools

  • Cordless, Programed Path Cleaning

  • Up to 80-Minute Run Time

  • Strong suction (21 GPM), only 8.5 lbs.

  • All surfaces soft rubber grip wheels for multi-surface

  • 4 Brushes, 2 large port openings

  • Large 3.2L capacity

  • Dual filters offering 160 & 10-micron filtration.

  • Captures leaves, twigs, dust, sand, dead algae and more

  • Filter Efficiency - Stainless steel mesh plus ultra fine filter for (dust, pollen, sand)

  • Auto- parking along pool wall for easy retrieval (telescopic pole hook included)

  • 5,200mAh Lithium battery

  • Cleans round pools up to 27' and ovals up to 18' x 33'

  • Cleans pools up to 16’ x 36’ x 5’ transitional slope & up to 600 sqft coverage. 

  • Warranted for 18 months.

  • Charge time is 5hrs 

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Surprisingly good for the price

I have a inground pool. 12x24, kidney shaped, mildly sloped tray bottom, only 5ft deep in the center. I found this machine on sale, was reluctant to buy it due to absolutely no reviews online, but it suggested that smaller inground pools would be candidates. And the price !

Well, I’m honestly super impressed. It’s been performing so well and the amount of debris collected is astonishing, all in just over an hour run time. Also, it’s gotten that annoying fine white algae silt almost every time.. (justmissed a small section the first run, but otherwise good). mine didn’t come with a pole hook for lifting out of the pool, which I was surprised by… but another trip to the pool store and I had one that works fine.

Cant comment as to longevity as I’ve only had this device for 2 weeks, but I’m very very happy with it so far.