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Hayward Tristar VS pumps are the ultimate way to save energy. Tristar VS is specifically designed to replace most high performance pumps installed today, providing incredible energy savings that result in an even faster return on investment compared to other oversized models.

Offerings up to 90% energy cost savings over single-speed pump alternatives via an integrated variable-speed drive and totally-enclosed, permanent magnet motor, Tristar VS is an ideal pool upgrade for those looking to reduce energy use and save money.

Hayward Item Code: W3SP3202VSP

  • Designed to replace most full-rate high performance pumps up to 1.5 full-rate or 2.0 max-rate HP.
  • Can pay for itself faster than larger and more expensive variable-speed models.
  • Permanent magnet, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor offers incredible efficiency and reliability.
  • Integrated, programmable digital interface with a 24-hour programmable clock and up to 8 custom timer functions.
  • 2" x 2.5" union connections make installation and servicing fast and easy.
  • Second base included to align TriStar VS with Pentair WhisperFlo for easy retrofit.
  • Extremely quiet operation and is growing into the most popular viable speed pump available today.
  • Removable display for wall mountable applications.
  • Most installs run at approximately 1,100-2,000 rpm which may consume as little as 100 watts as seen here on a real application.
  • WEF: 12.9

Have an Existing TriStar Pump?

Order the Variable Speed Motor and Drive Only - Easy to Install and you save even more.

VSP's are the ultimate way to save on energy consumption. Most other variable-speed models, however, are oversized when compared to medium-head pool pumps. The all-new Tristar VS pump is right-sized, particularly for applications with 1.5" plumbing, providing tremendous energy savings that result in an even faster return on investment.

Tristar VS pump provides customizable speed, duration and priming time to match the needs of both aftermarket and new construction installations. Programmable timers and a totally-enclosed permanent magnet motor mean this pump meets the requirements of swimming pool efficiency standards such as APSP-15.


Hayward spx2603z1vspe Variable Speed Motor and Drive Canada at www.poolproductcanada.ca

***Hayward V.S Motor/Drive w/timer upgrade 1.65HP

Hayward Item Code: SPX3202Z1VSPE

Hayward® Pool Pumps Earn ENERGY STAR® Certification

Hayward is pleased to announce it is an official ENERGY STAR partner and will apply the mark to its complete line of variable speed pool pumps, select TriStar 2 speed pumps, and Max-Flo XL models, including the industry’s only single-speed ENERGY STAR pool pump.

This is the first ENERGY STAR specification for pool pumps established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is part of the program’s overall commitment to help protect the environment by encouraging superior energy efficiency.

Hayward’s lineup of variable speed pumps can save up to 90% in energy costs vs. ordinary single speed pumps. Each Hayward variable speed pump features the following:

  • Permanent magnet motor for improved energy efficiency
  • Totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor for improved reliability
  • Programmable digital interface
  • Compliant to additional energy efficiency standards such as Title 20 and APSP-15

To estimate how much you can save with these energy efficient pool pumps, visit Haywards Energy Calculator.

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