Hayward Super II Strainer Housing (Canadian) - RSX750A2

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Product Description

Hayward Super II Replacement Strainer Housing for ALL Canadian Models.

Hayward Item Code: RSX750A2


  • Genuine Hayward Super II Strainer Housing (Canadian) Version.
    • Compatible with ALL CANADIAN Hayward Super II Pumps:
      • SP3005A, SP3005X7A, SP3005X7W, SP3007A, SP3007X10A, SP3007X10V, SP3007X10VW, SP3007X10W, SP3007X102, SP3007X102S, SP3010X15A, SP3010X15V, SP3010X15W, SP3010X152, SP3010X152S, SP3010X152SW, SP3015A, SP3015X20A, SP3015X20W, SP3015X202, SP3015X202S, SP3020A, SP3020X25A, SP3025X30, and SP3025X30AZ.
    • Please Note: The Canadian version accepts RSX750PAK1C union kit.
    • Please Note: RSX750A2 is the Strainer Housing Only (Wet End).

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