Hayward OmniPL Smart Pool Control - HLPRO4NSW w/o subpanel

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Product Description

We are the Canadian Hayward Pool Experts.

Unmatched value in automation for new pools and spas. Hayward Omni PL leverages the OmniLogic® platform and easy-to-use app, where you can select the level of control to suit your needs. This premium solution simplifies pool ownership by integrating salt chlorination options with your automation. Pool Products Canada has a team of experts to guide you through all your questions. 

Hayward pool and spa automation at www.poolproductscanada.ca

Hayward Item Code: HLPRO4NSW (Formerly HLBPRO4NSW)

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  • Ease of Installation: External control display equipped with 15-foot cord.
  • Modular Expandability: Equipped with 4-relays with flexibility to upgrade.
    • Increase to 6-relays with (2) - HLRELAY, increase to 8-relays with additional (2) - HLH485RELAY.
  • OmniDirect Mode: Pair ColorLogic LED lighting and water features with Hayward automation to get additional colour options, dimming control and more.
  • No Sub Panel: This model is suitable for renovations, where you already have a breaker panel therefore this model is without subpanel 
  • Salt Compatibility: Ready for salt once you add a Hayward Salt Cell & P-KIT. 
    • Add Salt Kit in dropdown (automatically adds cell, flow-switch, tee, and unions).
  • Pump Control: Full control of up to 8 Variable Speed Pumps without using any relays.
  • Compatible with Omni® Remotes: HLWIRELESS, HLWALLMOUNT and HLSPASIDE.
  • OmniLogic App: Allows you to monitor, set schedules and control your entire backyard at home or on the go.
  • Effortless Voice Assisted Device Control: Works with popular voice control systems like Amazon® Alexa® and Google Home®.
  • Expert Line Products: Only available through your Expert Pool Professionals.

OmniPL Smart Pool and Spa Control shown with app and optional wireless remote. Mobile phone, tablet and remote are not included.


Hayward Item Code: HLWIRELESS - OmniLogic Waterproof Remote.


Hayward Item Code: HLWALLMOUNT - OmniLogic Wired Remote.


Hayward Item Code: HLSPASIDE - OmniLogic Spa Side Remote.


Hayward Item Code: HLRELAY - OmniLogic Single Relays.

Hayward OmniLogic relay, picture of four Hayward Relays


Hayward Item Code: HLCHEM - OmniLogic Sense and Dispense Part 1. This measures ph and chlorine and activates salt cell for chlorine production only when pool and spa require it. To control ph, see Pump and Tank combo below. 


Hayward Item Code: AQLCHEM4-PH-CUL- OmniLogic Sense and Dispense Part 2. (pH Control) 15 Gallon tank with peristaltic pump combo. Dilute muriatic acid and water.


Hayward Item Code: W3T-CELL-3-CULGLX-CELL-5, TCELL925,TCELL940, TCELLS315, TCELLS318, TCELLS325, TCELLS340, TCELLS340X25, W3T-CELL-15, W3T-CELL-9, W3T-CELL-3, T-CELL-LS-CUL Hayward Goldline TurboCell Salt Cell.



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