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HCC 4000 Water Chemistry Controller

The HCC4000WIFI Series water chemistry controllers monitor pH and Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) while automatically making chemical feed decisions to ensure safe levels and destroy harmful pathogens. This controller can calculate derived free chlorine and display PPM. The HCC4000WIFIAU controllers also feature customizable chemical feed options allowing the user to fine tune the amount of time and frequency the controller engages chemical feed for more consistent pH and sanitization levels. The units come standard with Hayward Professional Series Sensors and a 1/4" in-line strainer - providing adding protection for the sensors.

The HCC 4000 controllers are the only controllers in the HCC Series that are compatible with the Hayward PoolComm portal and app - meaning you can remotely access, monitor and even control your pool water chemistry from any web-enabled device in the world. Additionally, they can internally store and display average daily chemical readings for up to 10 days.

Hayward Item Code: HCC4000WIFI


Wireless water chemistry control from anywhere in the world with PoolComm for remote monitoring and control.

Internally store and displays average of chemical readings for up to 10 days.

Comes standard with Hayward Professional Series Sensors and in-line strainer.

Customizable chemical feed options (mixing time for pH and ORP).

Pre-assembled package for simple and easy installation.

Includes Molded Flow Cell with Float Style Flow Sensor and Ball Valves.

pH low and high alarms, pH and ORP overfeed timeout, and flow alarms.


Web-Based Water Quality Management

Forget about dedicated phone lines and special software requirements... CAT wireless controllers begin reporting to the PoolComm website as soon as they are plugged in. Enjoy the convenience of web-based water quality management via any web browser and/or now through the PoolComm mobile app anywhere in the world. The app is available for download for the iPhone® and/or Android™.

From providing hourly data logs, charts and graphs to disseminating alarm messages by email or text message, the PoolComm program puts you in charge of your water quality.

The following tour provides an overview of the PoolComm water quality management program.

Key Features and Benefits

WiFi communications option allows free access to PoolComm anytime.

Direct control of systems from any web browser or mobile app.

Monitor and display multiple facilities simultaneously.

Receive real-time detection of pH and ORP problems.

Color-coded alarm display, with notification via email or text.

Up to 25% savings in labour costs yearly.

Identify detrimental patterns and issues.

Make better use of maintenance personnel time.

Logs read hourly and update every 24 hours or upon request.

Satisfies most local recording requirements.

Generate electronic logs of physical tasks.

Avoid downtime, health department closures, customer liability issues.

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