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Hayward AquaVac | Tigershark QC series of robotic cleaners feature a new and contemporary design. Equipped with intelligent microprocessor-based technology, the AquaVac family is recognized for its superior performance in reliability and efficiency. AquaVac makes sure virtually every area of your pool gets much cleaner, and fast! The AquaVac QC automatic robotic cleaner is no exception with a fast 90-minute Quick Clean cycle.

Hayward Item Code: RC9730CTB


Intelligent Microprocessor: Ensures precise navigation and cleaning patterns, adapting to the pool's shape and size for optimal efficiency.

Contemporary Design: Blends seamlessly with modern pool surroundings, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.

Superior Reliability: Built using the same trusted manufacturing process for nearly three decades, guaranteeing durability and consistent performance.

Patented Quick Cleaner Cycle: Offers a rapid (90 minutes) cleaning solution for quick maintenance sessions, ideal for last-minute pool gatherings, or unexpected guests.

Efficient Cleaning: The AquaVac QC's standard 3-hour cycle thoroughly cleans every inch of the pool, including floor, walls, coves, and waterline ensuring a sparkling clean pool environment.

Power Vacuum Strength: Remove debris with ease, from small particles to large leaves and twigs, leaving your pool pristine after each cleaning cycle.

Ultra-Large Debris Capacity: Provides ample space for debris collection, resulting in fewer interruptions for emptying and a consistently clean pool thanks to its cartridge filtration.

Industry Best Warranty: The AquaVac QC offers peace of mind and demonstrates the manufacturers confidence in the product's quality and longevity with its 3-year warranty backing.

50 Ft. Floating Cord - The floating cord allows for maximum coverage and prevents tangling via AquaVac QC's unique handle positioning mechanism, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning sessions.

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