Hayward AquaVac 600 Robotic Pool Cleaner

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AquaVac 6 Series pool cleaners are reinventing the robotic cleaner market with first-of-their-kind-capabilities. While other cleaners can lose suction, AquaVac 6 Series cleaners features patented SpinTech filterless technology with 18 hydro cyclones, maintaining maximum suction power. The six variable-speed-driven rollers with adaptive traction offer wall-to-wall cleaning on any pool surface and the unique TouchFree debris canister, with a quick release button, is designed for effortless cleanup. AquaVac 6 Series cleaners are the perfect solution for pool owners who want the latest in innovation and smart technology.

Hayward Item Code: RCH601CUY


SpinTech Filterless Technology: Say goodbye to messy filter bags or cartridges. The AquaVac 600 utilizes SpinTech filterless technology, capturing and trapping debris without the need for traditional filters, ensuring continuous, uninterrupted cleaning performance.

HexaDrive Adaptive Traction System: Navigate any pool terrain with ease. The HexaDrive adaptive traction system provides superior grip and maneuverability, allowing the AquaVac 600 to climb walls and cover every surface with precision.

TouchFree Debris Canister Rinse: Keep your hands clean and your pool cleaner efficient. With the touch-free debris canister rinse feature, maintenance is a breeze - simply remove the canister, press the button, rinse it clean, and reattach, all without getting your hands dirty.

Maximum Suction Power with 18 Hydro Cyclones: Experience unmatched cleaning power. With its 18 hydro cyclones, the AquaVac 600 boasts the highest suction capability on the market, ensuring thorough debris removal and crystal-clear water.

Six Variable Speed Driven Rollers: Enjoy comprehensive wall-to-all cleaning like never before. The AquaVac 600's six variable speed driven rollers adapt to pool contours, ensuring every nook and cranny is thoroughly cleaned, surpassing competing models in effectiveness.

Included Caddy Cart: Effortlessly transport and store your robotic cleaner. The included caddy cart provides convenient storage and mobility, making it easy to move the AquaVac 600 to and from your pool area.

Intuitive Pool Supply: Simply operation with an intuitive power supply. Easy start, stop, or schedule cleaning sessions with user friendly controls, ensuring hassle-free operation every time.

Visual Colour Indicators: Stay informed at a glance. The power supply features intuitive colour indicators to keep you updated on the current cleaning cycle status or any issues that may arise, enhancing user experience and troubleshooting.

Innovation and Smart Technology: Stay ahead of the curve with innovative features and smart technology. The AquaVac 600 combines cutting-edge advancements to deliver unparalleled cleaning performance and convenience.

Recurring 48-Hour Cleaning Mode: Set it and forgot it. with the recurring 48-hour cleaning mode, the AquaVac 600 automatically initiates cleaning sessions at regular intervals, ensuring your pool stays pristine with minimal effort on your parts.

55 Ft. Floating Cord - The extra-long cord allows for maximum coverage and prevents tangling via AquaVac 6 Series unique mathematical algorithm, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning sessions.

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