Hayward V-Flex Upgrade Kit

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Hayward Vflex Upgrade Kit Canada for Vinyl Pools at www.poolproductscanada.ca

Product Description

Upgrade PoolVac or Navigator suction cleaners with the latest patented V-Flex variable vane turbine technology. New design allows for improved handling of larger debris for virtually clog-free cleaning and maximizes suction power at low almost any flow - perfect partner for use with variable-speed pumps. All components within the upgrade kit improve the performance of debris handling, energy-efficiency, all with fewer moving parts to maintain.

What is V-Flex™ Technology?
Patented V-Flex variable vane turbine technology allows your cleaner to handle larger debris. The variable vanes within the turbine adjust automatically to accommodate passage of this larger debris for virtually clog-free cleaning. The energy-efficient design of V-Flex also maximizes suction power at almost any flow, making it the perfect cleaner to pair with variable-speed pumps.

Hayward Item Code: VVX3000VKITWH

V-Flex Upgrade Kit

  • V-Flex Turbine kit.
  • Bearing free A-Frame kit and retainer.
  • Replacement Shoes (x4).
  • Replacement Wings (x2).
  • Suction inlet (Throat).

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