Enersol 1' x 8' Solar Heating Panel

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  • Each box of Enersol panels includes one panel, the roof mounting hardware, and connection clip.
    • One solar panel (1 ft. wide x 8 ft. long).
    • One header strap (12 inch).
    • One panel strap (48 inch).
    • Three bolts.
    • Two clips.
    • Two o-rings.

Additional Requirements

  • In addition to the Enersol panels, you will also require the following components for a full installation:
    • One x Enersol System Kit.
    • One x Check Valve.
    • One x 3-Way Valve.
    • Two x Unionized Ball Valves. 

Long Lasting

The Solarprene rubber used in the Enersol Pool Heaters makes them the most durable solar panels available. It is suitable for the worst Canadian winters or the hottest southern temperatures. It is resistant to salt water, harsh UV rays and ozone and pool chemicals.

Highest Quality

Enersol manufacturers the solar panels to the highest standard an rigorous quality control. The operators inspect each panel to guarantee years of service.

One Time Investment

Unlike the natural has heating, Enersol Pool Heaters are a one-time investment. Their primary heat source comes from the sun. You won't have to worry about costly monthly fuel bills after you install your solar pool heater.


Because Enersol Pool Heaters are so versatile, you can install them anywhere the sun shines. Here are some options:

  • On the roof (home, pool change room, etc.).
  • On a rack.
  • On the ground.

Modular Design 

The modular design allows maximizing your roof or rack spacing in 1-foot increments. If you decide to add more panels in the future, you can add or remove them without much effort.

Perfect Fit

The Enersol proprietary injection-molded headers and clips are custom made of ASA thermoplastic. This material is ideal for outdoor use and guarantees perfect fitment every time.

DIY or Professionally

The Enersol Pool Heaters were designed for easy installations. Whether you want to do it yourself or need professional help, the installation kit includes all the part you will need.

Each Enersol Panel is packaged in a 9" x 9" x 14" box. This allows you lifting the panels to the roof without much effort. This is important for your safety and convenience. Each box includes the installation hardware.

The Enersol panels are made of rubber. You can bend the panels or walk on them, facilitating mobility on the roof during the installation. It will prevent you from walking around dangerous roof edges.

Roof vents and skylights on your roof.... no problem! The Enersol Header Connector (HEC) offers you the versatility to navigate around them.

Trustworthy Brand

Enersol is round to offer an 18-year limited warranty on the Enersol panels and components. Enersol Solar Pool Heaters assures:

  • Many years of worry-free use.
  • Low maintenance cost.

Enersol Solar Panel Controller Installation - www.poolproductscanada.ca

Add a Solar Controller: Options

  1. Hayward Analog AquaSolar GL-235 + 3-Way Valve + Check Valve + Actuator.
  2. Hayward Digital AquaSolar ASC-1P-A-LV Complete Kit + Check Valve.
  3. Hayward OnCommand + 3-Way Valve + Check Valve + Actuator.
  4. Hayward OmniHub + 3-Way Valve + Check Valve + Actuator (App Control).

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