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Maytronics Robotic Pool Cleaners Canada

Product Description

The Dolphin Classic Cleaner Caddy - Maytronics Certified Genuine Parts; Keep your Dolphin pool cleaner in top condition

Maytronics Dolphin Item Code: 9996084-ASSY


  • Compatible models Dolphin M600, Dolphin Explorer E70, Dolphin Active 60, Dolphin M400, Dolphin Sigma, Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme Dolphin Wave 100, Dolphin Sigma, Dolphin M400, Dolphin Wave 60, Dolphin Wave 80, Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme, Dolphin ADVANTAGE, Dolphin Nautilus CC, Dolphin Proteus DX3, Dolphin Echo, Dolphin S100, Dolphin S50, Dolphin E10, Dolphin T15, Dolphin Cayman, Dolphin T25, Dolphin Active Solo, Dolphin Active 15, Dolphin Explorer E20, Dolphin Active 10, Dolphin Escape, Dolphin Encore, Dolphin ADVANTAGE ULTRA, Dolphin S200, Dolphin Quantum, Dolphin Active 20, Dolphin ADVANTAGE PRO, Dolphin Proteus DX4, Dolphin Proteus DX5i, Dolphin S300, Dolphin Active 30, Dolphin T35, Dolphin T45, Dolphin T55i, Dolphin S400, Dolphin Active 40, Dolphin Explorer E50, Dolphin Premier, Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus, Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus w/ Wi-Fi, Dolphin M600, Dolphin Active 60, Dolphin Explorer E70, Dolphin W20

  • 1 Year warranty

  • Easily move and store your Dolphin robotic pool vacuum cleaner with the Universal Caddy. Protect your Caddy and robot with the custom-made-to-fit Classic Caddy Cover.
  • TANGLE-FREE CABLE AND POWER SUPPLY HOLDER: No more tangled robot cables! The tangle-free cable holder keeps your cable, power supply cord, and power supply unit organized when your robot is stored.

  • HEAVY-DUTY MATERIALS: The durable universal caddy is made of high-quality materials

  • PROLONG THE LIFE OF YOUR DOLPHIN: Using the Universal Caddy and Classic Caddy Cover prolongs the life of your Dolphin by protecting each component of your robot

  • REMARKABLE PERFORMANCE: Dolphin pool cleaners have been effortlessly cleaning the world’s pools for over 35 years, empowering pool owners with hassle-free pool maintenance solutions. With unmatched performance, durability, and cost savings, all our Dolphin products help you get back to what matters in life — enjoying your pool with family and friends.

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