Hayward Salt & Swim Cell - Up to 30,000 Gallons - W3SAS-CELL

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Hayward Salt Chlorination Turbo Cell Canada at www.poolproductscanada.caProduct Description

Salt & Swim 3C is Hayward's entry level, DIY-friendly salt chlorinator that delivers the 3Cs of salt chlorination - Comfort, Convenience, and Cost Savings you'll love.

Hayward Item Code: W3SAS-CELL (Previously SAS-CELL-CUL & SAS-CELL-ABG)


  • A single Salt & Swim 3C cell produces the equivalent of:
    • 200 lbs of 100% pure available chlorine.
    • 225 lbs of Trichlor.
    • 208 gallons of liquid chlorine - equivalent to 1 ton.
  • A single Salt & Swim 3C Cell provides  cost savings of 50% or more over traditional chlorine:
    • Each cell produces a ton of chlorine, but at more than half the cost of other forms of chlorine.

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