1.5" Threaded Winterizing Duck Plug

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Product Description

Allows plumbing lines to be winterizied without draining the pool. The "duck-bill" valve allows a large flow of air and water to be blown from the return plumbing but does not allow water back into the lines.

Limited Quantities for 2023 Seasonal Year.

Please Use Teflon Tape to Ensure Tight Seal.

How To Use Duck Plugs

  1. Install plugs into all lines. The double-seal system provides a water tight seal at the faceplate or inside the fitting.
  2. Use a blower to clear all lines.The Winter Duck Plug provides adequate back pressure to allow all returns to be cleared at the same time without "burping".
  3. Once all returns have been bubbling for several minutes turn off the blower. Water will not enter the pipes from the pool.
  4. Add optional antifreeze to lines and turn on the blower again until you see some antifreeze blown into the pool.
  5. Install yellow "safety caps" for added peace of mind and protection against ice movement.

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