Polaris VRX iQ+ Smart Robotic Pool Cleaner

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The Smarter Way To Clean

Ushering in the next evolution of intelligent robotic pool cleaners, the Polaris® VRX™ iQ+ provides strategic cleaning for a brilliantly clean pool you can clearly see. Offering the ultimate customized cleaning solution with SMART Cycle functionality that learns your pool, the VRX™ iQ+ calculates the most efficient amount of time to eliminate debris while collecting data to make automatic adjustments as it cleans. Information is then sent to your iAquaLink® app, where you have full access and greater capabilities including, monitoring cleaning status, checking the water temperature and even spot cleaning targeted areas of your pool.

Polaris Item Code: FVRXIQP (Alternatively FALPHAIQP)


  • SMART Cycle Cleaning Mode - Calculates optimal cleaning time.
  • Deliberate Navigation - On-purpose patterns scan and measure pool.
  • Sensor Nav System - Adjusts and adapts cleaning to pool.
  • Enhanced Scheduling - Easily schedule recurring cleaning cycles with advanced options.
  • Remote Control with Targeted Spot Cleaning - In-app remote lets you guide the cleaner; Spot Cleaning mode provides targeted cleaning of trouble spots.
  • Temperature Display - Conveniently check your pool water temperature.
  • Evolving Intelligence - Receives automatic performance updates via your home’s Wi-Fi connection.
  • Large Illuminated Debris Canister - Easy to access, large, lighted debris canister with transparent window.
  • Powerful Performance - Vortex Vacuum technology and 4WD agility and an extra-long 70’ cable with tangle-reducing swivel.
  • Multiple Cleaning Modes - 7 different cleaning cycles, including waterline only for a customized clean.
  • Patented Easy Lift Removal System - Retrieve at waterline. Water evacuates for lightweight removal.
  • Never Touch Debris Again - Simply remove canister, shake, and spray away debris.


Model Description  
R0785800 Polaris Robotic Cleaner Cover




Wi-Fi App Connectivity

Full-Featured iAquaLink Control

 Connection 70 ft. Double-Insulated Floating Cable with Tangle Reducing Swivel
Filtration Method Illuminated Extra-Large All-Purpose Filter Canister
Remote Control In-App with Targeted Spot Cleaning Action
Cleaning Modes SMART Cycle, Quick Clean, Deep Clean, Waterline Only, and Custom Modes
Cleaning Schedules Schedule Recurring Programming
Dirty Canister Indicator In-App and on Control Box
Drive 4WD Navigates Obstacles 
Vacuum Technology Vortex
Easy-Lift On App and on Control Box
Active Scrubbing Dynamic Bladed Brushes
Transport and Storage Powder-Coated Alloy Caddy (Included)
Pool Cleaner Dimensions

17" W x 12" H x 19" D

Caddy Dimensions 19" W x 38" H x 19.5" D
Cleaner Weight 22lbs., without Caddy
Power Supply

Output: 30 V DC / Input: 120 V - 60 Hz

Maximum Pool Size Up to 60 ft.
Pool Types In-Ground Pools
Pool Shape All Shapes
Pool Surface All In-Ground Pool Surfaces
Surface Cleaning Ability Pool Floors, Wall, and Waterline



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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ryan Abrams
Great support and good product

I switched from a Hayward cleaner to the Polaris IQ+ cleaner, and it has excellent relative cleaning performance. It makes quick work of the pool, doesn't get stuck on the drains, climbs the wall / cleans the waterline, sends notification when complete, and the lift feature works great. I have a free-form and my old cleaner would miss the hard to reach corners, get caught up on drains, the cord would tangle, and debris would relase when removing from the pool- all these are non- issues with the Polaris. My only complaints would be app connectivity issues, the IQ " smart feature" could be better ( no real pool mapping and smart cleaning path, it just calculates the most efficent time to clean your pool),and the cart/ caddy doesn't look great sitting out. I am happy after a few weeks, I hope this proves to be a reliable machine.

Dustin was extremely helpful with this order amd prices were excellent. He was also extremely helpful with previous orders.

Catherine Andrew
Excellent product

This Polaris is a wee smasher! I had a Polaris 9550 Sport which lasted 12 years, pretty good I think. I loved it too. This new one is everything you’d expect from Polaris. I love the fact that I can use my iPad to guide it, stop and start it etc. You will not be disappointed with your purchase. I really can’t rave enough about it! Fantastic!

Stephan Nadeau
Great service

The sales representatives was very fast to contact me and ship the item. I would do business again with them.