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Vinyl Liner Pool Shapes

Thanks to their lightweight design and materials, vinyl liner swimming pools are quick to install. Depending on factors like the size and complexity of the design, total construction time may be as little as just a few days. Larger, more elaborate pool designs may take a bit longer to install. Most pools can be backfilling the walls within a couple days. 

Helpful Tips On Shape Selection

Most Popular Vinyl Pool Shapes

Some pools have sleek geometrical lines, while others use soft, organic curves to create a more hand-formed appearance. At Pool Products Canada, we have vinyl-liner pool shapes suited to every style preference, no matter the size or dimensions of your yard. 

Rectangular pools are consistent best-sellers, topping the list for most popular pool shapes. But while the classic rectangle will always be timeless, many homeowners prefer alternative shapes like crescent, lagoon, or odyssey pools. 


In ground rectangle pool kitSizes & Specs: 14×28, 16×32, 16×36, 18×36, 20×40
Ahh the rectangle. It’s a true classic shape presenting beauty and class but yet, so simple. Some say the rectangle is the perfect shape for designing any backyard masterpiece. Always autocover friendly and ready for any step, bench or tanning ledge configuration of your dreams. It’s a great day when the backyard swimming pool is the fun place to be. Call for custom options.
*90 degree corners, 6" radius or 2' radius available. 



Sizes & Specs: 14×28, 16×32, 16×36, 18×36, 20×40 
Roman ends on opposite sides complete this timeless design, while offering plenty of options for seating and lounging. It’s a great day when the backyard swimming pool is the fun place to be. Call for custom options. We can design any custom benches or steps on custom quote.



Sizes & Specs: 14×28, 16×32, 17×36, 20×40

Escape to your oasis and let the tides of this popular freeform design ebb and flow through your senses. It’s a great day when the backyard swimming pool is the fun place to be. Call for custom options. We can design any custom benches or steps on a custom quote.



Sizes & Specs: 14×28, 16×32, 17×36, 20×40

Ahhh. It’s hard to beat the calm and comfort contours of a Mountain Lake freeform pool. It’s a great day when the backyard swimming pool is the fun place to be. Call for custom options. Custom benches and steps can also be quoted.




Vinyl over steel steps, v.o.s system walk in pool steps Canada

Every inground swimming pool should feature a durable entry system. Vinyl over steel entry steps, (commonly known as V.O.S) make swimming safer while enhancing your inground pool’s beauty and comfort. Complete your pool with custom inground pool entry steps designed by Pool Products Canada — a trusted industry leader with more than 30 years of experience.

Swimming Pool Vinyl over steel bench VOS and steps in custom vinyl pool. Pool Products Canada is the top swimming pool builder contractor in Colingwood Ontario.



Thermoplastic steps are some of the toughest and most resilient pool products available to today’s homeowners. Thermoplastic pool steps are: >Highly cost-effective >Impossible to puncture or splinter >Scratch-resistant, ideal for families with dogs.

Fiberglass in ground pool steps. We build the best swimming pool in Collingwood and Blue Mountain.



Pool Products Canada is proud to be the only online sales consultants offering EcoPools and In floor self cleaning pools. (OPTIONAL)


In-floor systems are more than highly effective automatic pool cleaners. They also function as high efficiency circulation systems. They are so effective that they have been independently certified to save up to 30% on chemicals and energy for the life of your pool.

Pool Products Canada are a team of experts that can guide you through the ease of plumbing sequenced return jets in the floor saving you $$ year over year and directing all the debris to your optional collection main drain. Robotic and Suction style cleaners also work well, however they require hands on operation, clog themselves or your filters, and are not able to provide the Eco friendly water distribution.

Image below is a typical standard plumbing configuration, designed to cost you more $ in water care and heating costs.

Take the time to watch the video on how we can provide you with a self cleaning, energy efficient pool with optimized heat and chemical distribution that is virtually hands off. We provide precise instruction on placement of returns to ensure optimal performance with customized but simple autoCAD drawings.
An average EcoPool and self cleaning pool design shown here with in floor nozzles, debris accepting main drain and debris canister. A few hours work saves you time in the future. We can help with all hydraulic design for any pool or spa you dream of. Our drawings are guaranteed for optimal hydraulics and performance in pools, spas and all your water features. 
3D Pool Drawing by Josh Savile www.poolproductscanada.ca


We take visions as simple as this hand drawing shown below......and in a matter of a week or so, depending on weather of course, we have a beautifully constructed swimming pool for families to enjoy for years to come.
So, you've made a decision to move forward and order your pool kit, but before you do, let's ensure you know everything that's available to you that will provide even more savings over the life of your pool and enhance your overall swimming experience. I'm going to list my suggestions on the best choices and why, then
depending on your budget, make your final decisions.
1. You're choice of pool pumps today are either single speed or variable speed. Single speed is always running at full speed. Variable speed pumps can adjust the rpm up and down based on demand. When I run my vsp at 30%(1000rpm) we are talking about consuming 100 watts versus 1800 watts on single speed 1 horsepower pump. This is $15 per month versus over $200 per month with single speed if running it 24hrs per day, which is optimal for circulation, sanitization and filtration.Save up to 90% of your pools electrical costs using a Hayward tristar variable speed pump A Variable Speed  Pump pays for itself in just one season. This is the heartbeat of your pool. A great upgrade is the Hayward MaxFlo VS500, or the most efficient VS on the market by independent test standards; Haywards Tristar VS900.
2. Filtration... Sand filters are a great option and add convenience by having the ability to "backwash" when they get dirty. Backwashing flushes the filter in reverse and sends dirt and debris out a waste line removing water from your pool in the process. For heavily treed yards, this is probably the best choice.Hayward Cartridge filter with water flowing in and out If you want to save your pool water that you have paid $ to heat and to treat with water balancing chemicals, a cartridge filter is the more energy conscious choice. Saving water, saving heat and chemicals, but also filters water particles down to under 10 microns whereas sand filter may be 30-40 microns. Crystal clear water is the best water.
3. Heater options are natural gas, propane, heat pumps (which consume electricity), solar panels, heat exchangers or geothermal. Depending on the cost of each resource in your local market and each individuals needs will determine which method you will use. Regardless, of the heater there are pretty basic ways to conserve your heat. Solar blankets and delivering return water to the bottom of your pool for starters.
This is where if you ask 10 pool builders their opinion  you will most likely have 6 using salt chlorination, 3 using a UV System + chlorine puck feeder and 1 using just a chlorine puck feeder. Let's start by just laying it out that you no matter what you use to disenfect and sanitize your water, you NEED to maintain a chlorine residual in the pool. Salt systems manufacture 100% pure chlorine at the equipment pad after introducing enough salt into the pool to raise salt level to 3000+ parts per million. (PPM) This chlorine differs from other forms as it's not combined with binders and other materials. Other forms range from 14% to 35% actual chlorine. The chlorine produced via salt is closer in pH to our target pH (7.4-7.6) which means less pH down chemical to purchase. Having salt (NaCl) chlorination for your pool water has other benefits for your skin, eliminates eye irritation  and eliminates the spikes of high chlorine.. low chlorine.., as its consistent. Where some negative experiences with salt stems from are typically in cases where the chlorine wasn't checked often enough and the salt system produced chlorine and no one turned the system to an appropriate desired output. This could fade a liner prematurely. Other scenarios where pool water with higher levels of salt dry up on pool deck and a white residue remains. I do prefer pools with Salt Systems and my preference is using Hayward Low Salt systems which operate best using 30-50% less salt than any other brands on the market. Unlikely to ever over produce chlorine and no residue and no negative impact on any other pool equipment.
UV (ultraviolet) bulbs are a great option as a supplement to chlorine pucks to reduce chlorine demand and kill bacteria in the water. You still need to introduce small amount of chlorine to maintain a 1-3ppm of chlorine. So a UV system would reduce chemical $ consumption or ultimately extend the life of your salt cell by allowing you to run it less, thus extending the hours of its lifespan.
Old fashion chlorine pucks in an "inline" or "offline" chlorinator is always the economical, low cost up front way of doing it but, over the lifespan of the other units/methods, you will pay the same amount or more$ in pucks, shock, balancers and those times where you forget to treat your water and it goes green and cloudy... those mistakes can add up. 
5. Lighting...LEDs are standard and most builders are using multiple smaller lights positioned throughout the pool opposed to single large leds to illuminate and flood the entire pool eliminating dead zones.Hayward Colorlogic led 320 return jet sized accent light. www.poolproductscanada.ca Small return jet Hayward ColorLogic leds are 1.5" and easy to install without the need to winterize every year. Just leave them in the wall. 
6. Automatic vacuums. Choices are Robotic, which are plug n play and contain all the dirt and debris inside of itself in a canister or filter cartridges or you can use a  suction cleaner that connect to either your skimmer suction or independent suction line, pulls all the dirt and debris through to your pump and filter. Hayward pool cleaner family of navigator pro flex, poolvac xl flex, aquanaut 200, aquanaut 400, aquavac 600 and Hayward aquavac 650Running this style of cleaner will have you back washing your sand filter or cleaning your cartridge periodically. Another method is in floor cleaning which feature nozzles installed in your pool to direct dirt and debris down to a maindrain to collect and capture in a canister deckside or at the equipment pad. More labour but your pool can clean itself.
7. Water features. You're saving money buying online. That's an opportunity to get those extra features that are show stoppers and impress guests. Waterfalls or sheer water curtains create soothing and relaxing "spa like" white noise while deck jets, LED laminars and bubblers add a new level of excitement for the kids and evening ambiance. You're doing this once. 
I put two small sheer descent waterfalls (both 1' long) on a raised wall, Swimming pool waterfall sheer descent with woman underneath. Hayward sheer waterfalls with color led.two LED laminar jets shooting up from behind the raised wall into the pool and two basic bubblers in my walk in steps. I wish I had of installed color LED bubblers instead of bubbler without lights. Oh well.. 
The water features are without a doubt the best part of the pool for my wife and I, and controlling every part of the pool and landscape from our smart phones using Hayward Omnilogic Controls is the icing on the cake.
Control your pump speeds, schedules, lighting, heater temp, waterfalls, bubblers, laminars, outdoor landscape lighting, water balance, robotic cleaners and more. From anywhere, anytime.
Womans hand holding smartphone with Omnilogic app shown. Easy control of all your swimming pool equipment.
If you're still reading this, you have probably noticed that we favour Hayward Pool Products for equipment and features. We do. We appreciate their Canadian operations are based in Oakville, Ontario and for us at Pool Products Canada, as a supplier/distributor, having their bricks and mortar, warehousing, manufacturing, customer/tech service and the largest sales team ensures that we can react fast and provide top notch support to our clients. With that said, we will provide whatever product you, our customer, prefers.
We are here to help you.
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