Hayward Classic Titanium Inverter 80,000 BTU Variable Speed Heat Pump HP80CLEE1

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Product Description

The high performance, energy-efficient Classic heat pumps quietly and economically maintain your ideal water temperature at all times - and now coming standard with variable-speed heating technology, the Classic heat pump provides the perfect water temperature - allowing you to swim longer into the evening hours, earlier in the spring and later in the fall. The Hayward Swimming Pool Heat Pump, the ultimate solution to keep your pool comfortably warm while being incredibly energy-efficient! With its cutting-edge features, this heat pump is designed to meet all your heating needs.

Hayward Item Code: HP80CLEE1

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🔥 Titanium Heat Exchanger: Our heat pump boasts a top-of-the-line titanium heat exchanger; This high-quality material ensures durability and efficient heat transfer, allowing you to enjoy a consistently warm pool for years to come.

🌿 Energy-Efficient Variable Speed Inverter Compressor: The heart of this heat pump is its ultra-efficient variable speed inverter compressor. It not only maintains the perfect temperature but also does so quietly at just 40-54dB. Say goodbye to noisy pool heaters, as our heat pump ensures a serene poolside experience.

📊 Digital Keypad Control: You're in full control with the digital keypad. Adjusting the temperature and settings is a breeze, making it easy to customize your pool's comfort to your liking.

⚡ Lowest Amps in the Industry: We're proud to offer a heat pump that draws the lowest amps in the industry. This means you can enjoy a warm pool without worrying about skyrocketing energy bills. Save on energy consumption while still enjoying a perfectly heated pool

🌟 AHRI Certified Efficiency: Rest easy knowing that our heat pump's BTU output is certified by AHRI, a trusted third-party efficiency testing agency. This certification ensures that you're investing in a product that lives up to its energy-efficient promises. A hot defrost gas valve enables the unit to operate at low ambient temperature.

💰 Over 50% Energy Savings: The best part? Our Hayward heat pump can save you over 50% of energy costs compared to traditional heat pumps. This means not only enjoying a warm pool but also significant savings in the long run.

🍁 Hayward, the Trusted Choice in Canada: When it comes to pool products, Hayward is a name you can trust. With a stellar reputation, we are the best brand in Canada for a reason. Our products are built to last, provide outstanding performance, and offer top-notch customer support.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your pool experience with the Hayward Swimming Pool Heat Pump. Enjoy energy-efficient warmth, quiet operation, and a product that's backed by the best brand in Canada. Make the smart choice for your pool – choose Hayward! 

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent product

David Stinson

We received the heat pump 3 days after placing our order. Fortunately the delivery driver placed it about 4 m. from where it would eventually sit as it is heavy and awkward to manhandle manually. After plumbing was done, by myself, the electrician took an half hour to hook it up to the electrical panel in the pool shed. It runs very quiet. My pool pump is far noisier. It pumps out the water into the swimming pool at 90F. On average it was raising the temperature about 1*F an hour. The manual is a bit vague in some of its instructions. Of course, a younger person would likely have no difficulty - lol. I would highly recommend this variable speed heat pump.

Georges T.
Pool heater

From my first call to the company from Montreal until I received the heater, I was 100% satisfied. I just gave them the pool parameters and they calculated the BTU capacities that I needed. (friendly and professional, service) I received the heater a few days later. I recommend this company

Pool Heat Pump

Excellent customer service, ship very quickly and receive within 2 days. Unit does not come with any piping but does come with some fittings. I guess I should of asked that question, had to go to pool shop to get piping.
- Unit bigger than expected but looks good.
- Comes with rubber feet which made the installation easy. ( no bolting required)
- Wired and installed unit was easily done.
- Unit is Very quiet. Quite surprising. My pump makes more noise then this heater.
- started the unit at end of May, pool was at 70F it took 30hr to get it up to close to 80F but it was cold outside (50F at night and approx. 73F during day but full sun. I thought that was decent for startup.
- now that it is getting in high 70F, heater does not run much at 80F and water temp goes easily to 85F with solar blanket which is very nice.
- power consomption to be seen. Initial 24hr running steady coat $8 ( now that it is warm, I'm seeing 4$ per day but this is with temp dropping at night to 70F or slightly lower, it should cost less then that in June,July,Aug. I'm running pump and unit only 12hr/24hr per day and experimenting how to run the unit.

Hayward - HP80CLEE1

Ordering on website is good experience... shipping was as expected but delivery is not at par waited for two days to get a schedule delivery call from DayRoss but it was delivered on driveway at garage door without call... I manage myself to take that almost 250lb piece to backyard.
When open up unit label for connectivity that’s a big surprise as its looks like no quality control check nothing and Haywards advertising unit Amperage incorrect like look at pictures their online manuals says max 16.28amps, their manual with package says 19.25amps and Unit label says 22.5 Amps... was following so far as per manual available online before ordering this unit and as per that I was ok to run this unit on 30amps breaker. now unit label says max fuse needed is 50amps. even their operating temperature is misleading online manuals says -5C to 40C... unit label says 9C to 40C... so much important information are misleading in online manual…don’t know how accurate their energy saving claim with this heat pump series.