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Hayward ColorLogic Replacement Light LPCUS11100 LPCUS11050 LPCUS11030 SP0524CLED100

Hayward 10" Universal ColorLogic LED

Uses Vinyl Niche SP0607U or Gunite Niche LFGUY1000 and SP0600U

Nothing brings out the natural beauty and shimmer of water better than colour and light. Whether you're setting the mood for an intimate evening, or creating a dazzling aquatic backdrop for the season's hottest party, Universal ColorLogic is your gateway to the ultimate backyard experience.

Hayward Item Code: LPCUS11030 (30' Cord) and LPCUS11100 (100' Cord)

  • 2x brighter than any other pool colour LED light.
  • The only LED lighting approved by cUL to retrofit the vast majority of today's pool niches.
  • Optimized optic design that casts light through the entire pool.
  • Comes standard with 5 vibrant colours and 7 programmed light shows to choose from.
  • Installs as close as 4 inches below the waterline to easily illuminate shallow areas of the pool.
  • Includes 2 face plates (white and chrome).
  • cUL listed for installation in virtually any pool or spa niche.
  • 300 watt transformer available for multi-light installations.
  • 12V, 2-wire, all plastic design with no exposed metal and an unbreakable lens requires no bond, no ground and no GFCI for safe installation.
  • OmniDirect mode compatible with OmniLogic.
  • OmniDirect allows dimming, more colours and direct to colour w/Omni products.

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