*NEW* Hayward OmniPL™ Retrofit Kit HLXPROUPG

Best product of 2022 coming out of Hayward Pool Products would without a doubt be their AquaLogic and ProLogic upgrade kit allowing homeowners to upgrade their automation panels to the latest technology featuring the most intuitive app control on the market. 

Hayward first introduced OmniLogic (HLBASE) as their premium automation panel with touch screen control/interface, Omni app control, up to 10 relays, 8 valve actuators and more, leaping beyond all competitors in this space. 

Years later, they revolutionized the market once again by launching an aftermarket version of Omni (OMNIHUB) allowing homeowners to add controls to their existing pools and tying in their existing equipment including their salt chlorination, pumps, lights, heaters and water features to a "mini" version of the OmniLogic.

In 2021, Hayward introduced a 3rd version of Omni, called OmniPL which landed in between the full OmniLogic and the OmniHub. This version was also created for new construction as was the OmniLogic but limited the relay count down to 6 standard relays, 4 valve actuator ports which is suitable for most pools being installed. One of the best features of Omni PL and OmniHub versus their full OmniLogic system is the wifi capability is built into the touchscreen eliminating the need to purchase a wifi bridge/antenna.

In the early part of 2022, Hayward communicated the launch of the OmniPL retrofit kit HLXPROUPG for all older Hayward AquaLogic and Hayward ProLogic control panels. Compatible with PL-P-4-CUL, PL-PS-4-CUL, PL-PS-8-CUL as well as AQL-P-4-CUL, AQL-PS-4-CUL, AQL-PS-8-CUL.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy upgrade for existing ProLogic®, AquaPlus®, E-Command®* and AquaLogic® automation systems (4-8 relays)
  • Unlock lighting control and scheduling with 10 colors and 7 light shows through ColorLogic LED lights
  • OmniDirect Mode™ offers additional exclusive color options, dimming capability and more (when paired with select ColorLogic models manufactured after January 2018)
  • Control up to 8 variable-speed pumps without relays
  • Salt chlorination compatible with TurboCell® salt cells
  • Relocatable touchscreen display with 15 ft. cord for flexible installation and easy access
  • Control of virtually any pool or spa feature via OmniLogic® mobile app or voice control devices including Amazon® Alexa® and Google Home®
  • Works with OmniLogic remotes: HLWRELESS, HLWALLMOUNT and HLSPASIDE


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