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1. Did you know if you are the owner of a 1 horsepower single speed pump, you are spending over $200/month in energy? Converting to an Energy Efficient Variable Speed Pump can save you over $100.00 per month. Our average energy consumption on conversions are just 150-250 watts or $15/month.

Variable speed pumps can be programmed to your lifestyle ramping the rpm's up on demand or through timed cycle up to 8 times per day on most models.

2. Many of our customers are seeing the benefits of cartridge filtration over their current sand filter due to the tiny particles they can collect. Down to 5 micron filtration compared to 20-30 microns for sand filtration. Do you have lights in your pool? Do you see particulate in the water at night under the lights? Change over or simply add a cartridge filter downstream from your sand filter and have the best of both worlds. On top of having the most polished water around, you also benefit from huge savings on water - (heated water), chemicals and salt with out impacting our environment from weekly backwashing. (unnecessary with cartridge filtration)

3. Do you want heat on demand or a steady energy efficient temperature maintained all season? The answer to this question will allow you to decide between one of our Energy Efficient gas heaters or our EE heat pumps. Give us a call to perform a simulated energy audit on your pool under each option (dollar vs dollar)

4. If you are thinking of converting to the convenience of salt chlorination, perhaps take it one step further and jump into a control system that incorporates not just salt chlorination but schedules for your pumps, pool lighting, yard lighting, water features, solar controls, chemical automation, wifi / internet access and water proof remotes. You will be surprised at the minimal jump in cost from standard salt systems to full automation!

5. Does your friend or family member have a robotic cleaner? If so, with robots having cartridge filtration onboard and their own energy efficient pump filtering 45 gallons per minute while keeping you pool bottom and waterline gleaming, their pool shall never go green. Filtering the same porosity as a cartridge filter (5 microns), you can be sure you pool will remain spotless and your water polished just as if you had a cartridge filter. All this while costing you $14 per year in energy.

6. Renovating? Consider adding new generation LED lighting bringing the brilliance of any color in the spectrum. Low watts and high intensity will truly change your evening pool experience. Another consideration is adding new walk in steps... with the creativity of owner Dustin Denis, he has brought custom steps to the aftermarket during liner replacements. Taking this one step further is installing matching natural stone on your new steps, matching you landscape and coping stone. 

7. Reduce you opening and closing cost by 20% - HOW? Have a custom safety cover installed and most pool servicers will discount your opening and closing by 20% and on your installation your closing costs are cut in half. No more unsightly tarps and water bags that end up costing you $$ every season. Add up the savings of leaking water bags, holes in your tarp and 20% savings on seasonal costs and its really a no brainer.

8. Buy North American! Although our retail and online pricing is the best you will find, so are our products. Our replacement liners are 20% heavier than what you will find on other online retailers. Just ask them for the weight of the product versus ours at Pool Products Canada. Purchasing equipment from manufactures such as Poolwerx, Deys Fab, Latham, Rheem, Pentair, Fluidra and Hayward Pool Products Canada Inc., will save you any headaches in the future. These manufacturers are located right here in Ontario with the best products and service out there. 

9. Shop around when getting new pool quotes, compare apples to apples and understand going with the lowest quote may end up costing you more in the long run... Being in the industry for many years on the construction / manufacturing / sales side of things, I have seen it all. Don't get left hung out to dry. We have consulted for quality dealers all across the country and have earned the respect of the highest end builders. Give us a call..

10. We work with the best landscape firms in our area, no job is too large, no job is too small. I have found it's best to stick with what you know and let other specialists in their field team up and collectively gain the respect and recognition by collaborating and providing efficient work practices. We are the best at what we do and appreciate working with others that share the same passion.

Please feel free to contact us for more information - you have my personal guarantee you will get the best support in the industry.


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