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OmniLogic NEW (HLBASE)

- AT $2499CAD HAYWARDS OMNILOGIC AND...SALT CHLORINATION, SENSE AND DISPENSE, ECOSTAR VSP AND ROBOTIC CLEANERS HAVE LEAP FROGGED OTHER BRANDS. Working less and playing more is entirely possible for pool and spa owners, through Hayward's automated technologies. You can all but forget about maintaining pool and spa functions or running to the pool store for chemicals, fussing with pH and chlorine levels, cleaning and a lot more. 

Ever turn your pool equipment on and forget about it? Running it 24 hours-a-day, while your meter was cranking away? Or have you forgotten to turn it on at all, then suddenly discovered your pool turned green? With automation, you can set schedules to match your lifestyle. Take filtration, for example – you can program it to run one way all week, then automatically increase during busy weekends including increasing sanitization and your Variable Speed Pump's RPMs.

Now chlorine and pH levels can be automatically balanced, with great precision, using Hayward's salt chlorination and chemistry automation technology. No more mixing, measuring or storing of factory-produced chlorine. Hayward's equipment tests and adjusts continuously. The water stays crystal clear all the time. Using salt chlorination, Haywards LOW SALT, means you don't hassle with running to the store for more chlorine, either. When Friday rolls around, you have more time to enjoy your pool.

Automation can keep the pool cleaner by taking out the debris for you. Robotic pool cleaners are incredibly energy efficient and come in a wide variety to suit every pool. Just throw one in, sit back and relax while it does the work and the newest models are now featuring programmability through the week.

Hayward products allow you to automate not only your pool equipment, but your entire backyard. You can manage landscape and pool and spa lighting, water features, fire pits and much more.

Automation can do it all - more quickly and efficiently. And it can pay for itself with the energy, water, chemicals and time it saves. In fact, you may not believe how much better your pool and spa can be with automation.

Learn how you can make pool and spa maintenance and features more convenient.

Take the time to visit www.thepowerofsimple.com to watch video of the latest technological advances in automation with Hayward's OMNI LOGIC featuring the best App's in the industry.

Then come back and tell us what you think.

Our Hayward specialists will take you step by step through install and you will be pleasantly surprised how simple it really is.

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