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Latham Vinyl Liner Pool Shape


Some pools have sleek geometrical lines, while others use soft, organic curves to create a more hand-formed appearance. At Latham Pool Products, we have vinyl-liner pool shapes suited to every style preference, no matter the size or dimensions of your yard.

Rectangular pools are consistent best-sellers, topping the list for most popular pool shapes. But while the classic rectangle will always be timeless, many homeowners prefer alternative shapes like crescent, lagoon, or odyssey pools.


Polymer Pool Walls

While steel pool walls can have their advantages, they aren’t necessarily the best choice for every homeowner. Many people prefer polymer pool walls as an alternative to steel.

Polymer pool walls manufactured by Latham are 100% corrosion-free, offering unmatched durability and resilience. When installed properly, polymer walls stand up to the test of time, weathering decades of even the brightest sunshine and rowdiest splashing. Not only is polymer tough and rugged; its anti-corrosive properties also make it ideal for saltwater pools, which are increasingly popular due to their easy maintenance.

Vinyl-liner swimming pools, which come in an extensive range of colours and patterns, have distinct advantages that make them ideal for many homeowners. Not only are vinyl in-ground pool liners crack-proof and highly durable, but they also offer a silky-smooth finish that feels soft to the touch.


Latham Pool Products Pool Walls


Choosing between steel and polymer isn’t always easy — but it is always important. While both are strong materials, polymer is more resistant to corrosion and damage, while steel is highly customizable. Whether you wish to incorporate any special pool features, such as automatic safety covers or tanning ledges, could also affect your choice. Make sure you make the right decision by getting expert guidance.

To ensure that you get the very best value, we offer industry-leading warranties on both wall systems, which are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards. From the costs of construction and maintenance, to the timeline for building and installation, we can advise you on every detail.


Precision Engineered Panels
Our polymer wall pool panels are precision engineered to make sure the panels fit together seamlessly when being assembled so the finished pool looks amazing.

Will Not Corrode or Rust
Chances are that sometime in the life of your vinyl liner pool you will get a hole in the liner or have a leak around a plumbing fixture such as a skimmer or light. When things such as these happen on a polymer wall panel you do not have to worry about any secondary damage from corrosion and rust over time like you do on a steel wall panel. No chance of corrosion on the pool wall panels also promotes longer vinyl liner life.

High Impact Resistance and Will Not Dent
Our polymer wall pool panels are high impact resistant so there will not be any imperfections after the building is done and they will not dent under any circumstances with normal pool use.

Unlike their heavier galvanized steel counterparts, polymer pool wall panels are much lighter in weight. Most panels can easily be moved by a single person which makes the pool wall structure much easier to assemble.

Plumbing, Rebar and Conduit
Easily guide and support your plumbing in proprietary prefabricated channels in our bracing system. Makes plumbing a breeze and the longest lasting.

What's Included - Standard

Latham Polymer Kit

Our Polymer Wall Basic Kit Includes Only The Following Items

  • Polymer Wall Panels
  • Proprietary Bracing System / Box Frame 
  • Rebar / Stakes
  • Hayward / Paramount Skimmer
  • Hayward Returns Jets x 3


Other Considerations Include (below)

Hayward Equipment Options


 Optional Water Features 


Optional Entry - Steps and Ladders 

  • Stainless Steel Ladder
  • 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft Fibreglass Step Insert
  • Vinyl Over Step System
  • Hayward Step Jets w/Air
  • Waterway Spa Therapy Jets 


Optional Covers and Safety

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