Hayward Industries has introduced its next-generation pHin smart pool monitor. The latest iteration features software upgrades within the app that enhance built-in analytics and augment pHin’s proprietary algorithm for water care. The user interface has been updated to permit the pool maintenance using an expanded list of compatible chemical brands, and it provides streamlined alerts and dosing instructions, says the company, removing the guesswork from pool and hot tub water care.

The app’s refreshed user interface provides easy-to-read, color-coded guides regarding water status. Through the app, pHin users receive alerts directly on their smartphone about their water quality and temperature, with actionable chemical dosing instructions. Featured in the app is a growing list of compatible chemicals for chlorine, saltwater, or bromine pools and hot tubs. Users can scan or select the chemical brand of their choice from the supported chemical database of over 60 brands.

Engineered to float in the water 24/7 throughout the pool season, pHin measures pH, sanitizer, and temperature levels over 1,000 times per week. On-board analytics and a proprietary algorithm acclimate pHin to its water environment and leverage data continuously taken in the water to improve chemical dosing instructions over time. With the monitoring subscription, free for the first year, users can view historical charts of their water conditions and share data with their pool technician or retail store.

“We designed pHin to take the guesswork out of maintenance, and we’ve continued to evolve the pHin experience to reduce the time spent on pool and hot tub care. With increased reliability and more compatible chemicals, pHin’s algorithm and intelligence is the easiest way to maintain safe swimming water this year,” said pHin Co-Founder Justin Miller in the announcement. The pHin is $449CAD and available for order here at Pool Products Canada.



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