Radinn Electric Jetboards - Watching the trend...

Radinn - The Original Electric Jetboard set its sights on Canada and and will leverage market access through multi-industry channels such as Pool Products Canada, Inc.

Radinn, a heritage of sustainable Swedish engineering - Radinn’s been making a splash in the EV and water sports industries since 2013. The idea for their fully-electric, virtually silent jetboards stemmed from the desire to make an eco-friendly alternative to the gas-guzzling
watercrafts on the market at that time. Radinn
has since gone on to become the world’s first
mass-produced jetboard company - completely disrupting the market with their
innovative design and technology.

Today, Radinn has a team of 50 plus talented and passionate employees working out of their HQ in Malmö, Sweden, their factory in Gdańsk, Poland, and remotely throughout the U.S.

Raddin are truly innovators at the forefront of an emerging market and are ready to meet the markets skyrocketing demand.

The global market -

From luxury yachters and beachfront bathers to lake lovers deep in cottage country, the global jetboard market knows no bounds — anywhere there’s water and folks looking to have a great time, there’s a demand for Radinn jetboard products.

"At Radinn we believe that everyone should
experience the thrill of surfing. And if you can’t find waves to ride, you should make them yourself".
They created the first electric jetboard almost a decade ago, and have loved seeing the unbridled joy and care for exploration that it’s given their riders every day since.

"We want to make surfing possible for everyone,  wherever they are in the world. We’ve created a thrilling jetboard experience that gives seasoned surfers the chance to discover something new, and surf-dreamers, families, and first-timers the chance enjoy breaks with the best of them.

We want to change the way people explore and play in every body of water

– to help them see their neighborhoods with new eyes and turn every lake, river, or beach into their next great adventure!"

Meet their boards:


- The adventurer made to last

 The Freeride X-Sport is our most durable model. It’s ultra-resistant hull technology – which originates from windsurf boards and extreme-kayak production – can handle rough conditions thanks to a fiberglass reinforcement and ASA polymer outskin. Like it’s forebearer the Freeride, the X-Sport still maintains an innovative, hydrodynamic design and has four fin boxes under the hull instead of the standard two for added customizability.


Radinn - The FREERIDE

- The skill-booster made to shine

The Freeride is our premium all-purpose jetboard. It holds the perfect balance between agility and stability, and is easy to get started on but also responsive enough for more playful riding. This model has an innovative hull adapted to slice through waves and choppy waters, as well as features that direct the spray of water down when you are turning, resulting in gained thrust. This model is available in two color option. The Radinn Element (White) and Radinn Urban Rebel (Black).

Radinn - The Carve

- The showstopper made to perform

The Carve takes longer to master for those unfamiliar with board sports, but offers a unique turning style and trick capabilities. It’s designed to carve through water and responds readily when riders initiate a turn. The Carve is ultra-agile and lightweight, which allows riders to get extra creative with wave-riding, jumping, rail-to-rail transitions, and more. This model is available in two colour options; The Radinn Tarifa (White) and the Radinn Phantom (Black)

Remote Benefits

Connected product support + maintenance

Radinn jetboards are connected to our cloud services via the Radinn app, which allows for proactive support and maintenance. All the end-user has to do is to connect their board to the app after riding, and we’ll take care of the rest – ensuring the product software is always up-to-date and alerting the user when maintenance is needed so that they can keep the jetboard at max performance.

The app also controls the performance settings of the Jetpack and Battery. As customers’ comfort level with the board progresses, they’re able to upgrade their performance and range options all with the click of a button – supplying them with a better product.

No matter your question or concern, there is always a Radinn employee ready and eager to help you find the answer.

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